Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2019

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2019

At the start of each year, wedding planners release their top wedding trends. These favorites may vary considerably from the previous years or be quite similar. We’re proud to put together a list of the top 10 wedding trends for 2019.

  1.       Bold, Daring Colors

The first of the top 10 wedding trends for 2019 is that Deep shades of purple, moody hues, and other rich, more fluid palettes will be popular. Wedding Wire explains that this allows for “increased creativity” as well as a “richer sense of dimension, texture, and visual interest in the wedding décor.

  1.      Metallic

Apparently, this trend is still very much “in,” with copper being a particular favorite.

  1.       Non-traditional Wedding Parties

Wedding experts predict that 2019 will bring with it varying numbers (or no) wedding parties and perhaps a mix of genders standing on either side. Experts also say that the bridal parties’ dresses will be much more eclectic, in comparison to the traditional same-dress-fits-all mentality.

  1.       Less is More

With the same enthusiasm that we have embraced organizing, downsizing, and tiny living, weddings are getting a makeover in extravagance. Couples have moved towards the idea of creating a stunning wedding and reception with a minimalist approach. The details are much more impactful when there’s less of them.

  1.       Wedding “Vibe”

Think Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. Rather than sticking with a color scheme, couples have flocked towards the idea of creating their entire wedding around their favorite book, TV series, or movie.

  1.       Royal

2018’s weddings were heavily influenced by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, and this trend continues in 2019. Of particular influence were their floral arrangements.

  1.      Sustainable

Speaking of flowers, couples have begun embracing the idea of reusing their flowers and arrangements. This trend relates heavily to the minimalist theme.

  1.       More Involved Invitations

Typography appears to dominate the details, but these invitations go all out. Couples may hire artists to help design and create the illustrations, predicts Martha Stewart Weddings.

  1.       Unique Wedding Favors

In 2019, couples continue to turn to more personalized, experiential wedding favors. A handwritten note, wine, or photos from the reception. Consider hiring a local food truck to serve a sweet treat as a parting gift (rolled ice cream, anyone?).

  1.   Food

No longer a passing thought during the reception, food is being given the star treatment. Couples are crafting menus that reflect their culture, they’re incorporating it into the décor, and they’re also working with chefs to create unique tasting bars. Oh, and they’re combining the idea of fine dining with classic comfort cravings.

  1.   All about the Lighting

We’re no stranger to the importance of lighting, but we’re very pleased that the top wedding experts think uplighting will be a major trend in 2019. Also expect fairy lights and candles to make a statement.

Making Your Special Day Your Own

Despite this list of ideas, there’s something else you should bear in mind, something very important: It’s you and your fiancé’s wedding day. When it comes to planning—whether you plan on going it alone or with the help of an expert—make your special day something unique, something that celebrates the magic of your day, and something (of course) that’s all about you.

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