Up Lighting


What is uplighting?

Up Lighting can turn a boring room with plain walls into a unique and colorful space. We’ll go over colors and designs with you in advance. These color schemes can be used to bring out the accent colors at your event and it works especially well at weddings! The colors can match your bridesmaid dresses, flowers and more. When used properly, up lighting can greatly enhance the ambiance of the room in an elegant way. Our lighting fixtures will be placed evenly around the room, against the wall and aimed at the ceiling creating an incredibly elegant effect! Fixtures can be any color you like.  Fill the entire room with color, or one backlit wall (behind wedding party table or cake).  

The secret to creating this ambiance lies in the type of lighting, where to place the lighting, and using it to enhance and boost the already beautiful aspects of your venue.

All About You Entertainment was one of the first companies in the area to go completely wireless!! No ugly cords everywhere and taped down to the floors at the venue. We use only the latest in event lighting: LED’s or Light Emitting Diodes. They draw very little energy and there are no bulbs to burn out and replace, making them the most environmentally friendly light available on the market today. In addition, these lights are very lightweight, emit virtually no heat, saturated deep colors and easy to customize and control the way the light looks.

Our Monogram Up Lighting Effect is very popular as well. Have your names and wedding date in a custom made monogram logo projected onto the dance floor or wall at your reception. We have many designs to choose from or create your own.

There are many options. We would love to invite you to contact us to create an affordable custom package tailored to your event.

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