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Q: Could I Hire My Friend to DJ My Wedding or use an iPod And Save Some Money?

A: Yes, you could. Unless your friend is a professional DJ with experience, it will be a disaster! It would be the same as if he tried to do your dental work (Unless he is a professional Dentist). A dentist, doctor, lawyer or a pilot are all trained professionals who have studied and perfected their craft and are very skilled at their chosen profession.

Our DJs are professionals and through years of training and experience know which songs to play and at the right time to keep your dance floor full with all your guests having a great time! What about the announcements, introducing the wedding party, the coordination of all the reception events and knowing how to get the party started and to keep it going? There are many things that can go wrong that you might not have even thought about.

There are thousands of brides and grooms who thought they could just get a friend, family member or co-worker to play some CD’s or use their iPod at their wedding or special event and regret not hiring a professional DJ! After all the time, effort and expense you have put into planning your event, is it really worth risking the success of your once in a lifetime event to save a little money. Entertainment is the most important factor in the success of your event!

Q: Do you meet with us before the wedding?

A: Yes, as many times as you like. We will schedule an appointment about 2 to 4 weeks before your date. At this time you will meet the DJ for your event and we can finalize the details for your special day (Pronunciations of Bridal Party names, Order of Events, Song Selection, Timeline, Itinerary, etc…)


Q: Do we pick all the songs that we want played?

A: We recommend that you pick about 30 to 50 songs you like or songs you think your guests will like as well. We will use your “customized music list” as well as 20 years of experience to “read” and “work” the crowd, to keep your guests dancing and having a great time. This will insure the success of your Dream Wedding Celebration.


Q: What if we have certain songs we don’t want played?

A: That’s fine. You’ll be able to make a list of the songs or styles of music that you prefer not to be played. If a guest asks for a song on the “Do Not Play List”, we will politely explain that “the Bride and Groom have requested that this particular song not be played on their Special Day!

Q: Can I select songs that you don’t have in your online database?

A: Yes, simply input your song and artist as a “Add Your Own Song” in the online database. Please customize your list as much as you desire! We have a lot of resources and ways of getting music, however, If we are unable to find them because they are out-of-print, or extremely rare, I will let you know and you will have the option to supply them ahead of time, or on the day of.


Q: Can my guests make requests? Will they be played?

A: Yes and Yes! In fact, I encourage guests to make requests during the event. We bring thousands of songs on the computer and we will try to play their requested songs in a timely manner. People love to hear their requests played and it simply makes for a more fun party to dance to the music you enjoy!


Q: Can we customize or personalize the Order of Events for our Reception?

A: Certainly! You are the stars of the show. It’s All About You!! I will advise you as to the popular Reception Format and Traditions and let you make the final call. Together we will put together a Wedding Reception Itinerary or Schedule of Events.

Q: What happens if the DJ gets sick, or is unable to be there?

A: Although we’ve never been late to an event, or had to cancel due to illness or tragedy, we are prepared with back-up DJ’s in case of an unfortunate event. We are the only DJ company in the area with back up DJs on staff. We will handle everything so you won’t have to worry!

Q: Will we have to provide a meal for the DJ?

A: NO. Thanks in advance for offering, but we are working. We will eat before or after your event. We will not eat, drink alcohol, or smoke at your event.

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