Important Tips for Planning a Wedding in Savannah Ga

So you’ve decided to have your wedding in Savannah Ga! Whether you’re a local or an outsider planning the perfect destination wedding, there are a few things you should keep in mind when creating your big day.

1.      Weather

Although the locals might seem like they don’t mind the heat and humidity, they’re lying. For all the charm that Savannah has to offer, keep the weather in the forefront of your mind. If you’re hoping for a summer event, stock water coolers and give out hand-held fans. Even setting up light misters could help the afternoon heat. But don’t let the weather deter you: Once the sun goes down, the temperature drops as well.

2.      Always Have a Plan B

Whether it’s raining because of the humidity during the summer or there’s poor weather due to a nearby hurricane (keep the Atlantic hurricane season in mind as well), having a Plan B Venue will go a long way. Another option that allows you to combine the best of having an outdoor and indoor wedding is by having an outdoor ceremony on one of Savannah’s gorgeous squares then moving the party indoors for the reception.

3.      Time of Year

Spring, summer, winter, or fall: Things are always happening in Savannah. Even if it’s not the biggest event of the year (i.e. St. Patrick’s Day), it’s always a smart idea to check out a few sources for the city’s calendar of events to make sure you’re not planning your wedding the morning of a big 5K that starts at the same location as your ceremony. Planning a wedding during the city’s off-season for tourists means that you get the beautiful weather (Savannah’s winters are usually in the 60’s during the day and 40’s at night) plus you don’t have to worry about any traffic or hotels being sold out.

4.      Know the City’s Rules

Book the square you’ve been eying for your ceremony in advance and seriously consider hiring a police officer to navigate traffic and make you and your finance’s special moment as peaceful as possible. Also, although Savannah has an open container law, it does not allow you to drink straight from a bottle or can; make sure you bring cups for you and your guests.

5.   Go Local

There’s something special about working with local caterers to really tie everything together for your Savannah wedding. Hire a company that specializes in Southern cuisine. Fill goodie backs with sweet treats from River Street Sweets. There are also so many great local venues to use!

6.      Sell the City

It’s not hard to sell Savannah to your guests, but to make sure that no one on your invite list has a difficult time deciding to come, make a cute pamphlet for your guests about all the attractions, historical sights, and fun things to do in Savannah.  

7.      Hire a Planner

When you’re planning your Wedding in Savannah Ga, it’s best to have someone who knows the ropes of the city and has been working in the area for a while. Not only does this translate into a less stressful planning period for you, but it also means that you’ll be able to benefit from the coordinator’s connections with local vendors and caterers. So give All About You Entertainment a call today!

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