Enhance Your Next Corporate Event with Uplighting

When it comes to planning corporate events, the last thing you might think about is the lighting. Surprisingly enough, the way the room is lit greatly influences the atmosphere of the event! We’ve gushed about how wonderful uplighting is when it comes to weddings, but here are some reasons how and why you should consider using uplighting at your next corporate event.

So, tell me again what “uplighting” actually means…

Uplighting is another way of defining the direction of light. So, uplighters are “ground-based lights” that point their light in an upward direction. Simple enough, but the vibe that lighting can create in a space as well as the creativity that clients who use uplighting are given speak volumes (more so than merely defining what it means).

Our uplighting package uses only LED lights. These guys are wireless, require little energy, don’t emit heat, and thanks to their deep colors, they’re quite easy to customize and control.  

Alright, then explain how this will enhance my next corporate event…


Audience Engagement

In case you missed our previous blog post about corporate events, we mentioned the impact that social media can have on the level of engagement of your guests. If you create some type of interactive social media element, like coming up with a unique hashtag for the event, more people will want to participate. Now throw in the element of a beautifully lit room, and everyone will be whipping out their phones to snap a shot.

In addition, the lighting sets the tone for the audience. Depending on whether you have a keynote speaker or it’s the annual Christmas bash and you’ve hired on of our DJs, the lighting of the room will help reinforce the mood that you want your employees and guests to feel.


Perhaps one of the coolest features of using All About You Entertainment’s uplighting package is the adaptability that our product has. We’re able to customize the design and color scheme to directly match our client’s needs. We have the ability to recreate the look and feel of your brand’s logo and image simply using uplighting! Past clients have cast their logo onto an empty wall or used the brand’s color palette as the lighting for the venue.

Think Outside the Box

Literally think outside! If your event is scheduled for a time when the weather is gorgeous or your venue has an outdoor space, then you’ve been given a great opportunity to utilize the benefits of uplighting. There are three popular kinds of uplighting fixtures that are great for outdoor spaces: bullet/spot, well, and wash. The names refer to the intensity of the light. Bullet uplighting means that the light has a narrow beam, whereas wash uplighting is a softer, diffused light.


It goes without saying that all of these elements come together to create the overall atmosphere and look of your corporate event. If you’ve hired a professional photographer to capture moments from the event, uplighting translates into a well-lit room for easy, beautiful photographs.

If you need more convincing that uplighting is the way to go for your next big company party, you just have some questions, or you’re sold and ready to get started, give All About You Entertainment a call today!

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