How Uplighting Can Change Your Wedding Day

When you’re in planning mode for the big day, it can seem like there are so many options to choose from and even more decisions to make. A phenomena that has been making its way into the wedding scene recently is uplighting, and it should definitely be another “must have” at your wedding reception.

What is Uplighting?

Uplighting is the placement of lights to create a unique effect on the ambiance, atmosphere, and overall look of a room. These lights are placed according to the architecture and layout of a room, which means looking at columns, windows, and entrances. The number of lights used depends on the size of the room as well as the look that you are going for.

The secret to uplighting is a combination of figuring out the type of lighting that should be used and where the lights should be placed. This unique balancing formula can easily be solved by All About You Entertainment. We were one of the first companies in the Savannah area to go entirely wireless, so you’ll only notice the result of the uplighting (rather than the stray cords getting tangled in corners or taped down to walls). All of our uplighting is done through LED’s. These guys are the most environmentally friendly lights because of the little energy they use, but they’re also great because they’re super easy to customize!

The Benefits of Uplighting

1. Visual Impact

When your guests walk into the reception area, they’ll be greeted by bold colors or a warm ambiance, depending on the look you’re going for. Either way, the visual impact of uplighting will really make the area stand out.

2.  Customized

Uplighting can easily transform a boring space into something uniquely yours. We will work with you to figure out just what colors and designs you have to mind and just how we can bring them to life. If you want the color scheme to match the accent colors you’ve chosen, we can do that with uplighting. You have the option of changing the color and intensity of the individual fixtures or backlighting a single wall, such as the one behind the wedding cake.

All About You Entertainment also offers a Monogram Uplighting Effect. We can design a lighting projection that casts your names, the wedding date, or whatever else you might like onto the dance floor or a wall. You can either choose from one of our designs or create your own!  

3. Enhancer

Perhaps the best benefit of uplighting is simply the effect that it has on the mood and feel of a wedding reception. Uplighting can create a subtle, warm, and inviting feeling or something bold and outrageously your own. Some of the more common colors are amber, blue, and purple, but you have the option of creating just about any combination of colors or designs!

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