How to Get the Perfect Wedding DJ for a Perfect Wedding Day

A wedding is a beautiful milestone that every couple hopes to someday reflect upon with the utmost fondness. Whether you plan on getting married on the beach in Tahiti, a traditional chapel, or even a relative’s backyard, there are certain elements to every “big day” that no smooth-running wedding should ever be without. As hilarious as those “wedding disaster” videos may prove to be; blunders such as a fallen cake or the veil catching on fire are only funny when they don’t happen at your wedding. Music, an ever-present and essential tool in creating the perfect atmosphere at any event, is something that can really make or break your ceremony. In order to avoid the stress and potential awkwardness that comes with music-related hazards, hiring a skilled DJ is absolutely crucial. To ensure that your first dance isn’t to obnoxious static(or the cries of your neighbor’s baby-why are they here again?), here are just a few guidelines for getting the most out of your wedding DJ:


1. Do Your Research!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes waiting until the last minute or wanting to get the best deal out there can lead to doing business with amateur, bargain DJs. If you want to make sure that “My Humps” doesn’t accidentally switch on during the father/daughter dance, it’s sometimes best to shell out a little more where a DJ is concerned. We’re living in the age of all things digital, and the internet is your best friend! Make sure to only look into accredited DJs attached to a reliable service, preferably with a list of great testimonials. As wonderful as it is to save a dime or two during the wedding process, it’s best to avoid Craigslist when searching for the guy(or lady!) who will be entrusted with the entire atmosphere of your ceremony.

2. Communication, Communication, Communication!

Oftentimes, some of the couples who report having the worst experiences with a DJ were actually largely responsible for their own disatisfaction. How is this? Well, a DJ is many things- but a mind reader isn’t one of them! DJs, depending on their usual audience, should naturally be wizards when it comes to mixing music and working a crowd. However, if you didn’t explicitly tell them about your undying hatred for 80s slow dance music, then there’s a good chance that it could end up on the playlist. One thing that you should always take a moment to do is sit down with your significant other, list out your least favorite music(from specific songs to entire genres) and note any overlaps, then make sure that your DJ leaves the screamo-folk songs for some of his other clients.

3. Choose the Right Setup

As insignificant as it may seem, the position of the DJ can actually have a large influence on overall crowd engagement. Depending on the nature of a wedding venue, this may be out of your control. However, if possible, try to avoid having your DJ shoved in the corner. Ideally, he or she will be instrumental in injecting an unmatched level of enjoyment and energy into your normally-stiff crowd of relatives, friends, and coworkers. You’ll want the fun to be front and center!

4. Breathe and Trust the Experts

Sometimes, it’s best to realize that not everything will always go exactly according to plan, and that’s okay! If you feel completely lost, then there are plenty of wedding coordinators out there who will gladly assist you. Nothing puts one’s mind at ease, however, like having a reliable and professional DJ that will transform your wedding into the unforgettable event of your dreams.


All About You Entertainment is here to provide that great quality service for even greater quality memories, so give us a call if you’re big day is on the horizon and you still need a professional to add the perfect sounds to your ceremony.

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