Horrible Wedding DJ Fails & How To Avoid Them


Horrible Wedding DJ Fails & How To Avoid Them


Your wedding day is fast approaching. You’ve painstakingly gone through all of the details, talked with your wedding planner, and made sure every little detail was perfect. As you rub your hands together, anxiously staring at the clock, your mind quickly turns to – gasp – the music. Without the right help, you risk conjuring a horrible wedding DJ fail whose infamy could last forever thanks to the internet. For instance, the last thing you want is someone with a skewed sense of self accomplishment to embellish your wedding day with something like this:



Oh no. What have you done? You wince with all the squeaks and honks that start off pretty funny at first but slowly degrade into a tight smiled, seat shifting embarrassment. You glance upwards and ask the wedding DJ gods: “Is it too late to arrange a DJ?”


With a skilled DJ, your wedding will become the atmospheric dream you’ve always imagined. You can approve the music, give the appropriate cues, and be sure that you’re in good hands while not finding yourself midway down the aisle and wanting to hurl. But not any DJ will do. Let’s say you already chose a DJ. You pat yourself confidently for finding an allegedly fine professional who promised a ‘funky’ wedding, despite your mild reservations. You feel as if you trust them… enough… to do a good job. But sometimes, that trust may be too freely given at your expense like what one DJ did to this unwitting bride:



All About You Entertainment will make sure this won’t happen to you. Your wedding day is an investment. It should show. It doesn’t have to be all glitz and glamour, but without the right professional DJ, musical calamities will occur! The children may fall asleep or those celebratory white doves you released could turn into a Hitchcock style frenzy to match the horrid soundtrack that has become your wedding.


And when you have a professional DJ at your side like the ones at All About You Entertainment, then you can focus on not doing any other potentially stupid stunts like this:



Drop it low, friends, but don’t drop kick it. A professional DJ helps orchestrate your wedding perfectly so that you can get down in style. Perhaps there will be some pleasant surprises here and there, but a true professional knows how to give you exactly what you asked for!


So avoid the embarrassment and take the stress out of your wedding day. Dance happily into marriage by booking your wedding DJ at All About You Entertainment.


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