Never plan boring corporate events again!

We know. Not only do you hate planning your corporate events, but sometimes your employees might also have trouble “getting into the spirit” of the event. All those stress-inducing questions about what would make the event just right are no longer your concern. Trust us on this one. We’ve handled plenty of corporate events in our business’s history, and we’ve got you covered. When you’re planning your company’s next big event, consider these elements…

1)     Interact with Social Media

In this day and age, social media is everything to almost everyone. This also means that there are plenty of ways for your corporate event or next holiday party to make it onto all of your employees’ feeds. For Instagram-savvy companies, create a hashtag. Whenever people take a photo of the event or from the photo booth (which we’ll get to in a second), they can post the picture and tag it with the unique hashtag for everyone else to see. You could also live stream the event for people who might not be able to come. You could create an entire username/profile/page, depending on which social media platform you choose: Facebook (page), Twitter (username), or Instagram (profile). Or, if Snapchat has the reign in the office, create a filter or tags for people to use while at the party. Since there’s a 95% chance that the majority of your party people will be on their phones at least once during the evening, why not try and engage them? The extra bonus of this party favor is that it costs next to nothing!

2)      Rent a Photo Booth

Photo booths are always a lot of fun, so consider renting one for your next corporate event. If you choose to rent through All About You Entertainment, here are some of the perks: social media kiosk (which translates to instant uploading to your guests’ favorite social media platform…which we just talked about!), unlimited pictures, an attendant to help run the booth, free props and costumes, the ability to print the images with your company’s logo, a flashdrive filled with all the pictures from the evening, and no charge for set-up or take-down (basically, a win-win situation).

3)     Lights, Camera, Action!

Every All About You Entertainment event comes with a lighting package, but have you ever considered the benefits of uplighting? This somewhat fancy term basically means that we have the ability to customize the lighting of your event to match the color scheme you may have chosen or simply highlight certain aspects of the party. For example, you could create a monogram or logo that would be displayed against a wall or on the dance floor.

4)     Don’t Stop the Music

As far as we’re concerned, music is one of the most critical elements of a solid party. Our DJs have both the experience and the limitless tunes to make your next event stand out. The equipment can be set up anywhere, and our constantly updated selection of music has over 100,000 songs (and the range is mind-blowing).

If all of these things still seem super overwhelming, once again, we’ve got your back. Just like we have a wedding coordinator to help stressed-out brides and grooms, we also have a corporate event planner. Yes, you read that correctly! We have someone to literally take all the stress away from putting together the “perfect” corporate party. When you’re ready to start planning, give All About You Entertainment a call.


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