Should I hire a wedding coordinator?

Your wedding day will be the day of your dreams. You’ll come gliding down the aisle (or watch your significant other do the gliding as you stare in awe), say your vows, dance your cares away at an amazing reception and then ride off into the sunset to begin your happily ever after. At least, a couple can only hope their wedding day goes that smoothly.

There is a near 99.9% guarantee that some aspect of your wedding day will not go as planned. Maybe it will be something small, like the icing of your cake being the wrong color. Or, maybe the hem of someone’s dress will catch on fire. While a couple’s idea of their perfect wedding might be pretty rigid, the number of potential disasters are pretty limitless.

The sheer amount of stress and planning that goes into a wedding might be too much for the average couple to handle alone. That’s where a wedding coordinator can step in and save your big day. Here are a few of the many reasons that hiring a wedding coordinator should be on your to-do list:

Enjoy Your Big Day

Needless to say, a lot goes into planning a wedding. If you’re the person who is going to be the center of the wedding, that means that you’ll be balancing way too many roles. On your wedding day, you’re the star, the socialite, the center of attention, the person who everyone has gathered together to celebrate. Why add stressful roles such as “planner” and “coordinator”, when there are experienced professionals who can take over those responsibilities for you?

Avoid Obvious Mishaps

Wedding coordinators are trained to prepare you for the best, but they also know how to handle the worst. Coordinators can offer valuable insight towards wedding specifics that would otherwise be overlooked by a someone not in the business. Do your wedding guests have specific food allergies? Does your venue include a complimentary wedding package? Wedding coordinators know the ins-and-outs of the process and will make sure that you always have a plan B.

Save Money

Hiring someone almost always equates to losing money. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with wedding coordinators. One of the many feats that a coordinator is capable of involves getting you an affordable venue, DJ and entertainment, and any other services that can easily break the bank if you don’t know where to look. Coordinators have access to a wide network of wedding resources and can help you get the best bang for your buck.

Get a Valuable Second Opinion

Whether you have a precise idea of what you want on your wedding day or are willing just to go with the flow, chances are you’ve gotten tons of advice from your loved ones (whether you asked for it or not). Some of this advice may be accurate, useful, and wanted, and other pieces of advice might be just the opposite.

Wedding coordinators will always have that second opinion that you really need. They have been there through both the fairytale weddings and moments some would rather forget. Coordinators give you the opportunity to gain wise pieces of advice accumulated from years of seeing the mistakes of others. Your aunt who swears that you have to tuck sugar cubes into your clothes for good luck? Not so much. Coordinators will also have fresh ideas that can make your wedding day especially memorable.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Even after you check off all of the main planning points of your wedding, it can still feel like something is missing. Your wedding coordinator can help you tie up all of the loose ends and make sure that you’re doing everything right. Your wedding coordinator will know all of the special touches and details that will make your big day one to remember.

All About You Entertainment knows weddings. Our wedding coordinators bring professionalism, experience, and an impressive skill set to each of their events. If you’re still in need of a wedding coordinator, contact us today and we will set you up with a professional who can make your wedding dreams a reality.

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