10 Wedding Ideas on a Budget

10 Wedding Ideas on a Budget

When you think of a beautiful wedding, perhaps those of celebrities or British royalty instantly come to mind (and bring with them some wedding envy). So how do you go about having your dream wedding while not spending thousands and thousands of your savings?

Here are 10 wedding ideas on a budget that you can apply to your big day and save a ton!  

  1.       The Importance of Planning

You’ll need to be a bit meticulous, but make a detailed list of all of the elements that will go into creating your dream wedding, then break down what steps you need to take in order to make it all happen. The sooner you get started, the more time you’ll have to do research and find those great deals. Keeping a detailed record of your expenses is also key!   

  1.       Reassess the Guest List

When it comes to the guest list, you might have some difficulty cutting names. Try to find a frame of reference to evaluate each person you’re not sure about. Have you spoken recently? Do you want to have children at the event?

  1.       Invitations

You can save a lot of money by opting to send out digital invites or making them yourself. Don’t let images of crayons and folded construction paper frighten you! With a good printer and a little time, you can create invitations that are simple yet elegant.

  1.       Rethink the Venue

Consider having the ceremony and/or reception at your childhood home or even a national park. Or, for a religious wedding, schedule your wedding closer to a holiday or celebration, as the church will already be decorated.

  1.       Rally Your Troops

Feeling overwhelmed? Ask friends and family for help putting together favors, decorating, or anything else that you need an extra set of hands for.

  1.       Network

Ask photographer or videographer friends if they’ll cover the wedding instead of buying a gift. Know anyone with a green thumb who’s willing to provide floral arrangements?  

  1.       Plan the Big Day with Savings in Mind

Try not to have a large gap between the ceremony and reception, as some musicians will charge more for the wait. And if your ceremony will be brief enough, consider a standing wedding (with a few chairs for older guests).

  1.       Think Practical

Rather than give out extravagant favors, opt for something trendy or simple, like providing a small bottle of champagne to every couple rather than to every person.

  1.       Start the Dress Hunt Early

The sooner you begin looking, the more time you’ll have to do serious research and find the best deals. You really can find a stunning wedding dress for a fraction of the cost!

  1.   Go Local

Local businesses might have more flexibility in giving you more bang for your buck. They might also offer reduced rates if you advertise their company by providing a list of vendors who catered to your wedding for guests to see. Plus, local companies like us have greater experience working with one another and (probably) the venue you end up using! 

The Solution

We hope our top 10 Wedding Ideas on a Budget has given you some great direction and when you’re ready please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to book the most trusted name in Entertainment in Savannah. 

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