Things to Remember When Planning a Hilton Head Wedding

Hilton Head, South Carolina, is known for its beautiful beaches and the charming town that surrounds the miles of sandy shore. This locale is also the perfect place for a dream destination wedding! Lucky for soon-to-be-couples, All About You Entertainment specializes in destination weddings, especially those located on gorgeous Hilton Head Island.

Things to Remember:

  1.       The Paperwork

In order to have your Hilton Head wedding, the city requires all couples to submit a permit request form. They need the basic info (you and your soon-to-be-spouse’s name, number of guests, date, time, and exact location) 30 days before the big day. Of course, you’ll also need your marriage license, which can be filed at the Beaufort County Courthouse.

  1.       Plan A and Plan B

For destination weddings, and especially beach weddings, it’s important to have a “Just in Case” in mind when planning your wedding. Some reception venues will allow ceremonies to be held there, or you could research surrounding areas to see if there are any open spaces with cover (such as the Shelter Cove Community Park).

  1.       Entertainment that will Work on a Beach

Can you imagine booking a DJ for your wedding ceremony, which is to take place against the backdrop of the Atlantic, only to find out that there is no way for music to be played on the actual beach. All About You Entertainment has done numerous beach ceremonies, using our portable wireless sound system. No electricity is needed for your music and vows to sound through our speakers.

  1.       Avoid the Heat at all Costs

Considering your wedding is going to be beach-bound, the hottest times of the year are where you’re looking, so the sun is unavoidable. But you can schedule your ceremony for a cooler time of day, such as the morning and evening. After countless Hilton Head weddings, we recommend an outdoor wedding ceremony with a reception inside the cool AC – allowing you and your guests to enjoy your special day comfortably.

  1.       Nix the Fire

A popular part of weddings is the Unity Candle ceremony, where two flames light a single wick. However, given how windy beaches always are, there’s a good chance that you could spend more time re-lighting than the flames than actually getting married. Some couples opt for a “sand ceremony,” where the bride and groom pour colored sand into a glass. Ultimately, it should be whatever you and your fiancé want.

  1.       Local Vendors

Obviously (and we don’t mean to toot our own horn), All About You Entertainment is on most of the popular venues’ preferred entertainment lists. We’ve played at most of the favorite spots on the island and are familiar with the various staff. Beyond entertainment, you’ll need to book florists, caterers, photographers, the ceremony and reception locations as well as a myriad of other things. And of course the day of is always the most stressful but don’t fret, All About You Entertainment also offers “Day of” Wedding Coordinator services to make your special day as stress free as possible.


Your wedding day should be special and uniquely your own. If you and your fiancé are beach-fiends, then Hilton Head Island is the perfect spot for your destination wedding!

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