The Critical Guide To Arranging Your Wedding Soundtrack

As we’ve mentioned before, music is an essential part to every wedding. Although the thought of putting together an entire playlist seems daunting, there is a simple way to break down the task and figure out just what songs reflect you and your fiancé!

Parts of the Wedding that Need Music

To help ease the burden, it’s easier to break up the wedding into segments that each have a separate tone than to think of the task as “Creating One Giant Wedding Playlist.” There’s generally five different segments to the ceremony.
1. The Prelude: While the guests are entering and looking for a good seat. Keep the music light and simple – think background music while the guests mingle about before settling in.
2. The Pre-Processional: The next bit would be the entrance of the groom and groomsmen as well as other honored family members.
3. The Processional: This would be played while the bridal party enters.
4. The Bride Song
5. The Recessional: That special moment when the ceremony is over and the newlyweds and their parties exit back down the aisle.

Now, beyond these parts of the wedding ceremony, there’s also the after-party to consider, such as the cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party (depending on whether or not these elements are part of your celebration). Some other traditional dances include: reception entrance, the first dance, a father/daughter dance, cake-cutting, and the bouquet toss.

Picking the Right Songs

Ultimately, the songs that are chosen for your wedding should reflect you and your partner. They should remind the guests about who they’re celebrating and set the mood of this monumental day.
· Picking the right songs will take time, so it’s best to begin the searching process early. Don’t wait until a week before the wedding to decide what songs you want to play or whether you want a DJ. (When you decide you do want a DJ, call All About You Entertainment.)
· Start with what you know. There will be songs that you and your fiancé have to play, just as there’s bound to be songs that are banned from the dance floor. Also start by looking at your existing music collection. These will be the songs that you two enjoy the most, so it’s a good place to begin the playlist hunt.
· Ask for suggestions. Maybe a close friend or family member has a recommendation that fits! On the other hand, don’t feel pressured to include everyone else’s favorite songs. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, and honestly, the guests don’t care as much about the song selection as you do. They’re just there to celebrate and have a good time!
· Think about the space as well as the time of day the ceremony will be. Keeping the space and layout of the location in mind can help you plan what songs to play (and perhaps when).

Once you have a general idea of what songs you want to include in your wedding soundtrack, All About You Entertainment is ready to handle the rest (and give you one less thing to think about on your big day).

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