The Bridal Show: The 411

Imagine a place where you could go to sample wedding cakes, talk to a variety of vendors (from photographers to florists and DJs to jewelers), gaze longingly at beautiful wedding gowns, potentially win prizes, and enter into the world of recent wedding trends. This magical place does exist, and it’s called a bridal show.


One of the most amazing things about bridal shows is the ability to talk to multiple vendors in a single day rather than scheduling appointments over weeks or months. We wrote about this topic a little before, but since then, we’ve gathered even more tips thanks to all of our experience with brides and bridal shows! Your favorite entertainment business can be found at the 10th Annual Hilton Head Bridal Show at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa on Sunday, February 19, 2017 from 1-4pm and at the Georgia Bridal Show at the Savannah Civic Center on Sunday, February 26, 2017 from 12:30pm-4pm.


1.       Only bring your A-team

Bring a couple of besties or family members who will be diligent and ask the right questions to the right vendors, which will help ease the burden of you feeling like you have to tackle the giant show on your own.


2.       Mailing labels

It might sound crazy, but it’s helpful. Rather than taking the time to write out your name, fiancé’s name, your contact information, wedding date, and maybe even your wedding budget onto every vendor that you like, print out a few pages of mailing labels. This way, you simply have to peel and stick. You will also get more time to spend talking to the vendor one-on-one and learning how they can help you achieve your wedding goals.


3.       Take all the goodies

Sure, grab those free pens and keychains, but (more importantly) make sure you grab any relevant handouts or flyers that your top vendors might have to offer. You probably won’t remember each and every detail of every conversation that you’ll have, so having some material to accompany each business will definitely be beneficial. Also bring a pen and notebook to take notes.


4.       Map it out

Whatever bridal show you attend, chances are that there will be countless vendors. Plan ahead a map or list of the vendors that you must speak with, and visit them first.


5.       Prepare questions

You should consider planning a list of questions to ask those must-see vendors, or a general list of questions per type of vendor (like universal questions for florists, DJs, etc.).


6.       Take pictures

Notes, pamphlets, and goodies are all great, but snap a few photos of your favorite floral arrangements or a beautiful wedding dress design you might never have seen before. These images will help jog your memory later.


7.       Refresh and begin

Once you get home with all your bridal show goodies and information, set aside some time to thoroughly read through everything that you’ve written and/or gathered. There may be some time-sensitive discounts or show specials that you should act on. This will also be a good time to start planning your next steps and which vendors you definitely want to contact.


Hopefully these will help you get the most out of your bridal show experience. Be sure to come by the All About You Entertainment booth and say hi and of course, relax and enjoy the show!


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