Wedding Uplighting Basics

Wedding Uplighting Basics

Until the early 2000s, people generally stuck with the lights that were offered by the venue for their wedding reception. However, after the introduction of uplighting, this style became popular and hasn’t yet lost its grip. Uplighting is simply the artful placement of light fixtures, pointing upwards, to create a visually appealing effect.

The 411 on Uplighting

For couples looking for softer lights to enhance a space, uplighting would do the trick. If the venue you’ve booked for your reception doesn’t allow candles, then (once again) look into uplighting. (Not to toot our own horn, but All About You Entertainment was the first company in the Savannah area to go entirely wireless. So no ugly cords and no worries about the venue having an appropriate amount of outlets!) Generally speaking, the lighting fixtures are evenly placed against walls, curtains, and (of course) aimed at the ceiling. If you read the word curtain and thought “FIRE HAZARD,” don’t worry: Hire a company that works with LED lights (light emitting diodes), like All About You Entertainment. LEDs use little energy, emit almost no heat (so no fire hazard), and are lightweight and environmentally friendly.

How to Use Uplighting to Enhance Your Wedding Reception

There’s a few do’s and don’ts you want to remember when working with a lighting technician to create a stunning uplighting effect at your reception.

Remember that uplighting (especially with LEDs) is extremely customizable

We’re talking about the color scheme, yes, but also if you want to have your wedding date or names projected onto a wall or the dance floor. All About You’s Monogram Uplighting Effect allows couples to create their own design and really elevate their lighting!

Remember the importance of colors

Choosing the right colors to match your wedding style is crucial. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, “the most flattering uplighting” colors are amber tones. However, it’s your wedding and your style, so pick whatever colors you want. Just remember how these will play into the overall design you’ve created for the space. Other popular colors are red, blue, magenta, and purple. Talk to your technician about the options and how he/she thinks the colors will work (or not) with the style you’re looking for.

Remember to focus on the important areas

You’ll most likely use a well thought out placement of light fixtures to create the perfect, elegant atmosphere in your reception (or whatever other vibe you’re going for), but don’t forget the importance of the cake table, reception tables, and any other space you know will be important to not only you but also the guests. Some companies can create unique lighting effects on the dance floor, too!

Remember to never under-light.

Don’t fear the light. You want to really transform a space into your wedding, especially if you’re using a large hall. You want all your guests to see the hard work that you (or you and your wedding coordinator) put into creating this day.

Remember to work with a company that knows the area and venues.

Hiring a company that knows the popular venues in the area means that they’ll already have an idea of how uplighting will best enhance your reception. We’ve seen numerous weddings in general and hopefully a handful of receptions in the venue you’ve chosen.  So we’ll know what works and what doesn’t for that particular space.

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