How to Crush Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Whether it’s a local wedding in one of Savannah’s gorgeous squares or a destination wedding in the beautiful dunes and sandy breeze of Hilton Head Island, there’s definitely a lot that can go wrong when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. BUT, don’t worry; there’s also a lot that you can do to right those wrongs. (or prevent them from happening in the first place).

So, here’s what you need to do to crush that outdoor wedding ceremony:

  1.       Wireless is the way to go.

This ranks number 1 for a very important reason: It’s simply the best, most logical option for your outdoor wedding. When searching around for your DJ for the wedding, look for companies that are not only professionals (duh!), but are also using wireless technology. Wireless means that they can set up anywhere, which is obviously important for an outdoor ceremony. (Most squares in downtown Savannah don’t have outlets readily available.) It also means that the microphones used for vows and other parts of the ceremony are wireless as well as all the equipment used to play music, for both ceremony and receptions. (If you work with All About You Entertainment, all of our wireless equipment is stored behind attractive cases, so you get the benefit of no ugly cords and no speakers in view!)

  1.       Consider the pros and cons of your favorite outdoor locales.

Now that you know the equipment needed for microphones and music can be wireless, your outdoor options are pretty much endless. There are still some other caveats of particular locations to consider. For example, the beach can get pretty windy—plus there’s the sand. Or if you opt for a ceremony in one of Savannah’s squares, plan for a time when there are less tourists (either seasonally or just time of the day) so the noise level is reduced.  

  1.       Don’t forget to follow the rules.

When planning an outdoor wedding, it’s important to consider all the necessary paperwork and permits that might be needed to perform your ceremony or reception outside. These depend on the city and location.

  1.       Think about the guests.

Yes, we know that you’ve definitely thought about the guests a lot, especially during your invitation stage and when making your reception table assignments. However, we’re talking about informing the guests about the locale and possible temperature to ensure comfortable yet appropriate attire choices (especially for the beach!). Maybe even consider hiring a shuttle service to take guests from one location to the next.

  1.       Get with uplighting.

Uplighting should never be restricted to an indoor esthetic. Uplight can transform an outdoor location if you’re planning a late afternoon early evening wedding.  Be prepared to transform your outdoor space into something magical.

  1.       Have a Plan B ready just in case.

Savannah weather can be temperamental and unpredictable depending on the season, but rather than eat away all your fingernails in the anxiety of the possibility of rain, have a solid Plan B ready just in case the sky decides to open up at the exact hour of your outdoor wedding ceremony. Also have a tent or something to cover the DJ and his equipment, if your reception is outdoors as well.

Give All About You Entertainment a call! We’re ready and excited to help you plan your perfect outdoor wedding ceremony.

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