The Ultimate Corporate Event Planning Guide

The Ultimate Corporate Event Planning Guide

We think it’s safe to say that most people love a good party. But how does that translate to a corporate event? The words “corporate event” tend to conjure images of gray ties, white shirts, and overall stuffiness, which are all components that you probably don’t want to be associated with your next event. This ultimate corporate event planning guide hits some of the major aspects of party planning that you should consider (and really just do) to have a successful event.

  1.       Set a budget, then create

Much like any kind of party, budgets are crucial. The budget will include booking the location, working with any vendors (for example, if you’re providing food and want to hire a local catering company), and buying any and all supplies that you’ll need.

  1.       Pick the purpose

What’s the point of the event? Is this a yearly holiday party that you want to blow out of the water? Are you celebrating a particularly important success at the company? Is it a team building event? (Also consider if you want employees-only, families too, or prospective clients. Who is your intended audience?) The objective of the night will also help build a solid budget.

  1.       What’s going to happen?

The purpose will also feed into the parts of the event. Will the event be a giant party? (If so, then you’ll definitely need the aid of a professional DJ.) Depending on the objective, you could also host speakers, have discussion panels about important and relevant topics, breakout sessions, or team-building exercises. This is an opportunity to provide your guests with a chance to do something fun and memorable that they probably wouldn’t do anytime else.  

  1.       Work with professionals

If event planning is totally out of your wheelhouse or if your company doesn’t have the manpower to invest a lot of time in all of the details, consider working with an event planner. These professionals will have the expertise to navigate your idea of an awesome awards banquet into the ultimate corporate event with all the finishing touches.

Partnering with All About You Entertainment also opens your corporate event up to skilled DJs and a range of music that extends to the 1940s and includes perfectly appropriate cocktail or dinner music (if that’s what your event needs). We can also provide wireless microphones so you can give stellar presentations or award your employees with fun superlatives. We have the equipment and skills to help make your corporate event unlike any other.  

  1.       Marketing and audience engagement

Make your intended guests eager to attend! Work closely with your PR department or social media savvy individuals to target the exact audience you want to know about your event.

Social media can also be used throughout the event to maintain audience engagement. For example, if the corporate event is a conference with well-known industry speakers, then consider creating a hashtag that your attendees can use to comment on the panel and connect with one another.

If you’re hosting the party for employees, look for an entertainment company (like All About You) that can personalize the event with uplighting that showcases your company’s logo and can also incorporate fun ice-breakers (such as trivia) to get more people involved.

For more corporate event planning tips and tricks to make your corporate event stand out,give us a call and we can walk you through just what you need to accomplish your best corporate event yet.

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