What is Silent Disco, and Why Does Your Next Party Need It?

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the phrase “silent disco” sometime in the past year or so. But what is this seemingly odd dance party void of sound and why are people raving about it!?

Picture this: A group of your closest friends are all dancing and singing to a handful of different songs with their individual headphones on, and the rest of the room is almost silent (minus the random conversation or two).

Before you say, “No, there’s no way I’m doing this,” hear us out. We’ve recently booked silent disco for both wedding and corporate events, and the response has been of overwhelming satisfaction.

The Logistics

Each party-goer is given their own wireless headphone. The headphones are equipped with three or four stations, coordinated by varying colors. (So let’s say the color blue has a popular 90’s song while the red is playing a new radio hit.) You can switch between stations with the ease of a button! Oh, and say goodbye to too-loud music and screaming over one another to talk. The volume is customizable on each headphone. Want to chat with your friend? Simply slide the headphones off, and BAM normal-volume conversation.

How It Will Make Your Next Party Way Better

  1. Your friends, family, or employees (depending on the party) can switch between songs, picking and choosing what they want to listen to, how loud they want to listen to it, and how long they want to listen. Basically, you’re giving every person their own, personal DJ (with the help of our DJs, of course, to continue to offer the songs you want). You no longer have to worry about pleasing every musical taste, or at least hoping that people will enjoy the party.

  2. It may seem like conversation would be stifled since everyone is wearing headphones, but conversation actually flows at lot smoother, and at a lot more reasonable volume. People can mingle and strike up a conversation about what song they’re listening to!

  3. You know that the party will be all over every partygoers’ social media account. Given the rise in popularity of this trend, silent discos (or quiet events as they’re also called) are rapidly spreading through social media, leaving people wondering what the experience is actually like. So, your party will definitely be the most talked about event in your group’s social media sphere for days.

  4. Guests can move about the venue without missing a beat (literally). Plus, although our DJ system is already wireless and easily portable, giving each guest their own headphone transforms the meaning of having an event at “any location.”

  5. People of all ages can enjoy the music and the fun. If your wedding is kid friendly, the little ones will have a blast dancing along with the adults, but to the song of their choice.

  6. Perhaps the biggest reason why your party will be way better is because it will be unique. Silent discos may be on the rise, but they certainly aren’t the norm. If you want a party that stands out and keeps people talking about it days and days later, then a quiet party is one you should consider.

For answers to all your silent-disco-related questions, give All About You Entertainment a call today!

*Photo by  Jen Fariello Photography

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