Why Hire A DJ Instead Of Hiring An iPod?

Your wedding is a great reason to celebrate! This is a new chapter in your life. It should start on a positive note with good memories. Hiring professionals helps ensure that things go smoothly. They take the stress out of maintaining the minute details. The music shouldn’t be any different; leave it in the hands of a DJ.

You want a professional through and through.

Whether this is their full-time or part-time vocation, you want a DJ that can do it all. You want someone that can be professional and deliver quality entertainment while also having fun! While a stoic, robotic DJ sounds cool, it doesn’t paint a welcoming picture for your guests.

A professional DJ comes prepared.

Your professional will have their own equipment, will know how to work it, and have appropriate backups. On top of this, your DJ will know how to work your venue’s sound system, further reducing the hands on work for you.

You won’t have to worry about the worst case scenario.

Should something happen to the equipment, the DJ will be properly insured. This might not be something you have to immediately worry about, but this could be a great time (and money) saver in a worst case scenario.

Our Savannah DJs have a good ear for music and for you.

Professionally, they have a wide variety of music and are in touch with current and classic hits. You want a musical time traveler. Personally, the DJ will be able to listen to your personal requests.

Being a DJ isn’t easy, but can make it look effortless.

Your DJ should be able to set the tone throughout the ceremony and keep guests entertained. A professional can musically manipulate the atmosphere as well as read the crowd.

Our DJs have excellent people skills.

And not only will your DJ know how to read the crowd, they’ll know how to interact with your guests as well. They should be willing to take song requests from your guests and help maintain an upbeat mood.

Bonus: Being local to Savannah we know our town!

If you hire someone local to Savannah, GA, they’ll know the area better and will know how to bring out the personal charm of each venue. A local will also know how to navigate the streets and will be on time when arriving to your wedding.

Planning a wedding is painstaking and requires a lot of attention, but once the big day finally arrives, it will all come together. Remember to cover all of your bases; no detail is too great or too small. The music plays a crucial part in orchestrating good memories on your special day.

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