How Your Wedding DJ Is Your Is Your Wedding Photographer’s Best Friend

DJ & Photographer – The Ultimate Partnership

Being a wedding photographer is a ton of fun. Sure, it’s a lot of work – but it’s absolutely a ton of fun. And that fun is amplified, and the work is made easier when your wedding DJ is your wedding photographer’s best friend. I wanted to give you three big ways your wedding DJ is your wedding photographer’s best friend. I’ll admit, some of these are partly selfish. When you hire an awesome wedding DJ like All About You Entertainment – my job is instantly so much easier. And I want you to know up front – that doesn’t mean I just kick my heels back and relax. What that means is, I get to focus on capturing your amazing wedding day, instead of running around lost or trying to keep up.

“A good wedding DJ that’s experienced and helpful is absolutely my best friend on a wedding day!”

3 Ways your wedding DJ is your wedding photographer’s best friend

1) They are the timekeeper with the most control.

Sure, wedding coordinators or planners have control and can keep things on time. But they don’t have access to a microphone and a giant sound system with speakers! A good photographer knows to make friends with a good DJ, and when the two of them talk about timelines and special events – the photographer is always prepared, and always present to capture those moments!

2) They can give life to a pretty tiring event.

Weddings can be amazing parties. But let’s face it, here in the south – it can get HOT. And for a lot of people, the heat can make them tired! A good DJ can reinvigorate a crowd, and bring out those epic reactions and dance moves you (and your photographer) love so much! Instead of a party winding down early, a good DJ can keep the energy level up, allowing you to get those amazing dance floor memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

3) They are usually the only other vendor having fun!

A lot of the other vendors are focused on working super hard to be efficient, and unseen. This isn’t a bad thing, by the way. I’m so happy when I work with professional vendors that are amazing at what they do. But a good DJ (and a good photographer for that matter) isn’t just providing a service – they’re keeping a pulse on the party itself. And being that close to the action requires a good DJ who knows a good party. I have so much fun shooting weddings, it makes a HUGE difference when the DJ is having fun, too!
Honestly, your wedding DJ is your wedding photographer’s best friend. Keeping energy levels high, having tons of fun, and keeping things timely and in order – let your photographer focus on capturing your memories and moments! A lot of times your photographer becomes your wedding day’s hype man – and it really is fun for a photographer like me. But when a good DJ is on point and present and knows how to communicate to the other vendors around them … I have a new best friend for life!
How your wedding DJ is your is your wedding photographer’s best friend - bud johnson - all about you entertainment
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